HVY DRT Vol. II - digital down load from the 10" color vinyl

by Thee Arthur Layne

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Album Review by The Sludgelord.uk

Can you hear that crunch, those harmonicas, and that motherfucking croon? You’re god damned right, you hear that! It’s Thee Arthur Layne, checking in with one more EP, “Heavy Dirt Vol. II,” before 2016 checks out. Sure, Thee Arthur Layne is 70’s influenced – indebted – and what not, but it’s the soul that these bad boys have managed to capture that makes this a band to look out for. After all, when soul is delivered with this much power and conviction, it’s sure to be heard up and down the country. So watch out for these guys in 2017 because there’s something bubbling here, and if you’re not prepared for it, you might spend a lot of time in the new year shopping for new socks (because, you know, they’ve been rocked off).


Album Review by Paul Rote of Doomed and Stoned:

You may remember THEE ARTHUR LAYNE from 'That Seventies Compilation’ we released over the summer, which featured the song “Father Friendly” from their first single, released in 2015, which included that excellent B side “Scorpion Crawl.” Both of those songs were protometal gems that sounded liked they’d emerged right out of a time capsule from the late sixties. It brought to mind Blue Cheer, Sir Lord Baltimore, Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge, and the likes.

Their second single, released the end of September, gets even more raw, ballsy, heavy and psychedelic. This time I couldn’t help be reminded of those British legends The Edgar Broughton band, who gave us some of the meanest and nastiest heavy sounds of the late-sixties/early-seventies. Thee Arthur lane lay out two heavy tracks of over the top acid rock and swamp metal, brilliantly uniting the very first wave of stoner rock with the modern scene. I am anxious for a full LP, quite frankly. I’m also curious as to how they would handle a softer track. For now, we have four songs between Volumes I and II of 'HVY DRT’ and with this I am content.


Album Review from StonerHive:

Back in 2015 the four Thee Arthur Layne cats released their first seven inch. The Hvy Drt Vol.I release was absolutely the best seven inch to ever grace the needle over here. Two golden tracks filled to the brim with full on dune boogie rockers straight out of the psychedelic seventies. Its punky, its proto-metal and grooves the hell out of every bellbottom pants in the room. And the boys are back with a follow up. Aptly called Hvy Drt Vol.II the two tracks move even more into the blues avenue of everything they did before. When the news came that Graveyard called it quits back in September, we were all distraught. But listening to the two tracks on this single we can rest easy and know that that style of rock is in good hands. And yes, ofcourse their own professed love, inspiration and source for everything Edgar Broughton Band also shines through. Intense free rock, both wild, warm and soulful. Yet with this icy spark that sends shivers up your spine. Something big is happening here and Thee Arthur Layne will lead the way!



released September 30, 2016

Vox: Screamin' J Walter
Guitar: Adam F. Scott
Drums: Angel "Time Lord" Ledezma
Bazz: Sap DeFily
Keyboards: Zack Schneider

Recorded & Mixed at Studio B3 in the old Hammond B3 Organ factory building in Chicago, IL. Produced by T.H.O.S.E. for TAL Worldwide. Mastered by Neal Ostrovsky and Chicago Mastering Service.



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Thee Arthur Layne Chicago, Illinois

Listening to Thee Arthur Layne is like mainlining a musical speedball of Blue Cheer, proto-punk, proto-metal and haunted, evil & art-damaged
A quartet from Chicago, IL, Thee Arthur Layne plays rock stripped to its primitive core, chugging along on primal drums, ecstatic riffing and piledriver bass. Welcome to the world of Thee Arthur Layne . .The best bad trip you've ever had..
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